Mum and toddler forced to live in ‘mouldy’ flat which is ‘making them sick’

A woman shocked at the state of her sister’s damp and mouldy flat claims the rental could make her niece sick.

Shirley Hill said she knew her sister lived in poor conditions at her flat.

But she was appalled when she saw the full state of the property in Kilmarnock, Scotland – claiming she is “living in hell”.

The house Gillian is staying in, managed by Atrium Homes, has dampness and mould over a number of walls.

Shirley said she is worried about the health of her two-year-old niece, who has had breathing problems since being born premature.

Shirley said : “My sister has been staying in there for six years and now they are saying they can’t get someone in to sort it because of the lockdown.

“She said to them that she’s been asking for six years, the lockdown hasn’t been there for that long.

“I think it’s too far gone. Pretty much every room in the place is in terrible condition.

“In one of the bedrooms, one of the walls has been re-plastered but it’s still ended up in a terrible condition.

“We’ve since found out that the people staying in the house before my sister had the same problems so it’s not a new thing.”

Shirley added: “It’s bad enough anyone living in conditions like that but my two-year-old niece is living there.

“She was born premature so she didn’t have the best of starts to life but since day one she has had breathing problems.

“When I went into the house to take pictures, the breath went from me, I felt sick after it.

“What is that poor child breathing in?

“It upsets my sister every day, she just worries about what her daughter’s health will end up like.

“She is absolutely living in hell, but she’s been told to keep a window open, which is shocking.

“I don’t know why they can’t just rehouse her, there’s plenty of new ones. You’d think having a two-year-old would put you at the top of the list.”

Kilmarnock and Loudoun MP Alan Brown says he has been working with the Hill family for over a year in a bid to get the issue resolved.

He said: “Gillian initially contacted us back in December 2019 and when my office made enquiries. We were advised by Atrium that condensation was identified in one of the property’s bedrooms and anti-fungal wash was applied as a precautionary measure.

“Additionally, they would assess the moisture levels in early 2020 and determine whether any further works were required.

“However, both Gillian and her sister Shirley have been back in contact with my office this week to state the issue has gotten worse and now both bedrooms are affected.

“Of course, I am concerned for Gillian’s young daughter and my staff have had discussions with the pair of them. We will do everything we can to assist with the process and we are currently awaiting a response from Atrium regarding the case.

“As always, I look forward to working with Atrium on the matter at hand and hopefully we can deliver a much needed and positive resolution for the Hill family.”

An Atrium spokesman said: “We are aware of concerns raised by the tenant and are doing what we can in the present circumstances where, due to Covid restrictions, only essential work is permitted in occupied properties, to resolve matters.”